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Harvey Lloyd is a renowned abstract artist, miillion mile adventure travel, aerial and nature photographer, iconoclast, photojournalist, writer and poet.

    A multi-faceted artist. Lloyd creates abstract digital photography, (Breaking the Light) together with his asssociate, artist Ivana Lovincic, create documentary films, multi-media shows and cutting edge personal assignments. Loyd and Lovincic bear witness to the human condition and the exuberant human spirit around the world.
    Lloyd is a multiple award winner in almost every category of the visual arts. The master technique “The Zen of FluidMotion Photography” came from study of quantum physics and metaphysics, ancient theories and practices of martial arts (see FIRE IN MY HAIR and THE SAMURAI WAY, Spiritual Journeys with a Warrior Photographer.
    Their website encompasses the entire globe from abstract images, aerial landscapes and seascapes, to the dignity of ethnic peoples everywhere. The iconoclastic new BREAKING THE LIGHT; THE CAMERA ALSO DANCES; YELLOWSTONE: The Devil’s Volcano; and MOONLIGiHT SONATAS: The Moon in Hyperspace, ground breaking images reinvent the art of photography.
    BREAKING THE LIGHY and THE QUANTUM GHOST: Reality & Unreality In the New Art of Photography, both appeared in 2015; FIRE IN MY HAIR; andVOICES FROM THE FUTURE, Young People Speak About Their Lives, Art & Photography appeared in 20012.
    Website essays discuss the art of seeing, abstract digital quantum photography, Quantum indeterminacy, physics and metaphysics, the Art of Seeing, the Tao, and Zen no-mind. We read of the joy and satisfaction of working at what you love, keeping your plastic brain forever young, how to attain success, freedom and live a long strong life.
    New Breaking the Light works discard tired myths of what and how we see, and reinvent the classic art photography for the quantum digital age. Lloyd’s motto: “If your life bores you, risk it.”